What you are visiting right now is the private homepage of Martin Sommerfeld.
It was developed mainly for fun and for playing around with html, cascading style sheets, jscript, flash, psp.
Well, frankly, another reason was that I thought as an computer science student I couldn't present myself anymore with that lousy site I had before, so some parts may (or may not..) be of interest. Just have a look, search around a bit. Don't blame me when you get bored, come on, playboy.com is just one click away. Ah, sì, one more thing: nearly all this pages are in German (yes, this one's the example that..you know).

Well, ok, for you hasty ones, about me in short:
Name is Martin, nickname elborn, born '77, right now studying computer science at the berlin humboldt university.
Main interests are films, comics, scifi, fantasy, internet, programming, napoli (well - kind of), european football, cycling, badminton, all kind of music in general, van morrison, r.e.m., radiohead, nick drake, otis redding, tom waits, arcade fire, the strokes, orson welles, david fincher, sergio leone, radio eins, arte, star wars, lord of the rings, twin peaks, the simpsons.
If you really really really (??) wanna know more click here, where I'll bury you with informations about me, pe. where this ridiculous nickname came from.

Beside that, there is of course my disclaimer, a linksection, the site of my stepfather, my guestbook, some stupid gadgets, and and and... all together is collected and listed in this sitemap.
Well, this site after all these years still isn't all done yet, some parts are under construction, so if there is anything you want me to know, something to correct somewhere, something could be better, hey, don't hesitate to just write me an email to martin (at) elborn.de.



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